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Organic Pest Control – a new, pioneering company in the pest control market – needed a site that would communicate their modern, clean and efficient method of pest control. Visitors to this site do not want to be dazzled with flashy graphics but need to get an impression of the simplicity and efficiency of OPC's products. Getting down to business and communicating OPC's goal's and services were of paramount important, so a simple, easy-to-use and fast loading site was the main objective.


Full design and production, along with database design and integration with the site. The site is designed with extreme ease of use in mind, with site sections easily reachable and easy on the eye. Simple, crisp typography was used throughout to convey a business-like and professional attitude, with images added only where relevant to the copy.


OPC's site is clean, fresh and discrete, which reflects their products and services. Organic methods in pest control are a new field with exciting (for those in that market) developments happening all the time. With this in mind I developed a system whereby staff of OPC could easily add and update news on the site without having to delve into the HTML markup.

All the supporting images on the site have two versions: a smaller, fast loading one that sits alongside the text, and a larger, more detailed one that is brought up only when the smaller image is clicked on. This ensures time isn't wasted downloading large image files when the reader simply wants to read the text. The larger images can be pulled up as and when the reader requires.

I also provide full webhosting for this site.

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