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Agencourt Bioscience Corporation required two templates for their site redesign. As part of the R35 Studio team we were commissioned to produce flexible and easily modifyable pages that looked clean and professional, while being easy to use.


A selection of prototype layouts I devised for the site can be seen here.


I, along with the R35 team, created many different styles and concepts for Agencourt to choose from. When a design was agreed upon, we built out the templates rapidly and also produced a styleguide for the Agencourt in-house designers to follow. DHTML menus were incorporated in order to make the site's many sections easily accessible from any point within the site's structure.

Agencourt were extremely pleased with the outcome and were able to start building their site as soon as we handed over the templates


We used the power and speed of Macromedia Firework's DHTML menu capabilities to build the menus in a matter of hours. They proved to be very portable and suited the clients needs perfectly.

The team for this project was:
Raymond Pirouz, Creative Director
Charles Roper, Art Director
John Corry, Art Director
Deanna P. Denk, Web Designer
Alex Dittmar, Web Designer

The team, comprising of members from both the US and UK, worked virtually via an online collaborative environment which allowed for the rapid turnaround of the project.